Crafting, Selling, & Enjoying Cheese

Blessed are the cheesemakers

11/29/2013 - Chemisty World

As metal arms twirl across a vat of liquid whose buttery yellow colour hints at its destiny, bacteria, enzymes and proteins are doing their own dance beneath the surface ... more
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Microbes Are Important Part Of Cheese Making

11/13/2013 - Kansas City Star

Whether it be a group of elderly ladies at the store or a class of culinary students at the art institute, the process of cheese making always comes up ... more
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Say Cheese! Massachusetts Ripe For Artisanal Fame

11/06/2013 - Boston Herald

Bostonians often blame the city’s narrow, winding roads on the notion that they were Colonial-era cow paths.The rich history of Massachusetts cheesemaking tells us there is more truth to the legend than most folks realize ... more
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Basic Cheesemaking Is Within The Grasp Of Many Home Cooks

09/03/2013 - New Hampshire Union Leader

But actual cheesemaking, in some cases, is easier than most people think and way more impressive than opening the wrapper and stabbing a ball of it with a teeny-tiny, albeit decorative, knife ... more
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How To Make Soft Cheese: Three Great Recipes

05/06/2013 - Mother Earth News

You can easily learn how to make soft cheese at home with just a few pieces of equipment and a little bit of time. Best-selling author Ricki Carroll shows you how to make mascarpone, queso blanco and ricotta ...  more
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Your Cheesemonger: Cheese 101

03/29/2013 - ARLnow

My passion is for authentic cheese made with fresh milk using traditional techniques. This kind of cheese is described as artisanal, meaning it is made by a skilled artisan. It is a fascinating subject that I know you will enjoy, too ... more
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An MIT Anthropology Professor Writes About Artisan Cheese

03/19/2013 - The Boston Globe

Artisan cheesemaking is undergoing a renaissance in this country, so much so that narratives of city dwellers who chuck it all and buy a goat farm, or of fourth-generation dairy farmers who keep the family homestead by creating and selling a wonderful new cheese, have become commonplace ... more
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How To Make Cheese

01/22/2013 - Contra Costa Times

Three Bay Area cheesemakers share the art, science, and culture ... more
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Oldest Evidence Of Cheese-making Found In Shards Of Vessels

12/12/2012 - Los Angeles Times

7,000-year-old pottery fragments poked with holes are the oldest direct evidence of cheese-making, scientists conclude ... more
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Beyond Pimento: A Guide To Southern Cheeses

11/08/2012 - Atlanta Journal Constitution

“The South is rising again in farmstead dairy,” said MaryAnne Drake, a professor of food science at North Carolina State University who’s a consultant for the many small dairies that have turned to cheese making in recent years ... more
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