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Cheese and Theo Chocolate Pairings

Our favorites for any occasion

What happens when you combine two masters of their craft in the cheese and chocolate world? You get an incredibly passionate pairing session. 

With Theo Chocolate Bars and Confections complemented by Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, it’s easy to create your own tasting this season.   

Beecher's Cheese and Theo Chocolate Pairings
Aaron and Brian discussing cheese pairings
Aaron and Brian tasting the cheese and chocolate

New Woman with Orange 70% Dark Chocolate "Holiday Feels"

The medley of spices in Beecher’s Jerk Spice cheese pairs beautifully with Theo’s Orange 70% Dark Chocolate in a symphony of bright, bold flavors that’s perfect for your holiday party. The citrus from the chocolate brings out the nutmeg and cayenne in New Woman in a balanced way. 

Marco Polo with Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate
"The Reliable Friend"

This classic combination of pepper from Marco Polo and sea salt from the Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate is simple, yet it continues to form new flavors. From your first bite, the nuttiness from the cacao starts to rise and continues to form a multi-faceted dimension of flavor. 

Dutch Hollow Dulcet and Pear Balsamic Confection
"The Diva Pairing"

As soon as you taste the Pear Balsamic Confection (available seasonally at Theo’s Flagship store), you’ll experience a burst of flavors. The milk chocolate ganache steeped in balsamic, topped with pear pate de fruit introduces a texture completely different than any other. As the Dulcet coats your mouth, the balsamic enhances the butterfat perfectly. There’s a lot happening in a short amount of time, but these two are excellent together. This seasonal confection is available at Theo Chocolate for a limited time, so you’ll definitely want to add this to your pairing list this holiday season. 

Flagship Reserve with Ghost Chili Caramels
"Cheese & Chocolate Boxing Match"

The Flagship Reserve and Dark Chocolate Ghost Chili Caramels battle for the spotlight on your tastebuds. You’ll experience an exciting back-and-forth pull from each bite of deliciousness. In the end, the ghost peppers win out after a slow burn, but the butteriness from the cheese evens out the spice in a multi-layered dimensional way.

You don’t need to live in the Pacific Northwest to procure your own tasting. With Beecher's Cheese and Theo’s online stores, it’s simple to recreate each pairing and impress your friends with your newfound knowledge. Choose one of our curated cheese and chocolate collections online, or you might even be inspired to create pairings of your own. And for Seattle visitors and locals, be sure to check out Theo’s monthly cheese and chocolate classes for a deeper dive into the wonderful world of chocolate and cheese.