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An Award-Winning Cheese Plate

Every year, Beecher’s enters our cheeses into the American Cheese Society Annual Competition – the Oscars of the American artisan cheese world.

From these competitions, we have won dozens of awards. Most notably, we’ve won the top award – Best of Show – three times, and our Flagship Reserve has been named America’s #1 Clothbound Cheddar three times. Our cheesemakers work exceptionally hard on elevating the quality and flavor of our cheeses.

All this leads to a phenomenal, crowd-pleasing cheese plate when you feature Beecher’s cheeses. Below are a few of our favorites.

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Flagship Reserve

Try some candied almonds with our Flagship Reserve. The nutty notes of the cheese complement the almonds well, while the sweet notes of the nuts balance the sharpness of the cheese.


Our creamy Flagship pairs impeccably well with fresh fruit. We recommend trying whatever is in season at your local Farmer’s Market, but the lighter flavor profiles of fresh berries or figs really let the Flagship shine.

4-Year Aged Flagship

The pronounced flavors that intensify throughout the aging process of our 4-Year Flagship need something to balance them, so we often like to opt for an equally-concentrated accompaniment. Fruit preserves, like apricot jam, will accentuate the robust round notes of the 4-Year Aged Flagship.


This clothbound cheese has high notes that go together well with fruit that has some crunchy sweetness like pears or crisp apples, but it’s also lovely drizzled with local honey too. Why not go for both?! 

Marco Polo Reserve

Marco Polo Reserve is punctuated with bright notes of green and black peppercorn that can complement a less-bracing olive, like the Castelvetrano variety, nicely. Add some rustic bread to the mix to amplify the earthy and fruity flavors of the olives and cheese.

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