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The first wheel of Flagship, Beecher’s signature cheese, was handcrafted just as Beecher’s Handmade Cheese opened its doors in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market in November of 2003. Flagship is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a uniquely robust, nutty flavor. It is carefully aged for 15 months under the watchful eye of the cheesemaker to fully develop its complex flavor and ever-so-slight crumble. Outstanding on a Beecher’s Cracker!


The KOF-K emblem is the internationally recognized trademark of KOF-K Kosher Supervision, one of the foremost Kosher certification agencies in the United States. Only those products and services meeting the strictest standards of Kosher law are permitted to display the symbol, which is protected under Federal law against unauthorized use. When consumers see the KOF-K on a product, they know they are buying food that meet the highest levels of Kashrus (Kosher law).

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Pasteurized milk, salt, culture, enzymes.

Serving Suggestions

  • Crumble Flagship into an omelet or frittata
  • Give Flagship a place of honor on an artisan cheese plate
  • Add Flagship to your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe

Pairing Suggestions

  • Wine: Pouilly Fuisse or a Syrah
  • Beer: India Pale Ale or lager
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This journey, beginning with fresh, locally sourced milk and adding the passion and skill of artisan cheesemakers, culminates in the best of all deliciousness - amazing, gourmet cheese.

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